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Hello and congratulations on your choice to pursue your university education at the Palm Desert Campus of CSUSB. You have made a wise choice, for the Palm Desert Campus offers you unparalleled support to make sure you are successful both as a student and after you graduate.

Here you have access to excellent faculty, amazing advisors, and numerous student services to ensure you will graduate on time and have a life-transforming university experience. You will have access to the classes you need to graduate in 4 years, and you will graduate prepared to become an engaged citizen, community leader, and successful professional in the field of your choice.

As a student, you can participate in numerous student clubs and activities, engage with our peer mentors who will help you navigate college life, utilize our Student Success Studio which, offers help with all aspects of your studies, interact with our proactive advisors who will keep you on track, and discover things about the world and yourself that you can't imagine.

Welcome to the Palm Desert Campus. Here, you will Define the Future.

Dr. Michael Salvador
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
CSUSB Palm Desert Campus

Michael Salvador photo