Legacy Program

Make the OLLI Legacy YOUR Legacy

The new OLLI Legacy Program provides important, long-term support to ensure that OLLI at Cal State San Bernardino continues to grow and respond to the needs of its members. The Legacy Program seeks a three-year commitment, which makes gift-giving easier and provides the assurance of critical resources year over year for our program’s development. By making the OLLI Legacy Program commitment, you ensure that the program can:

  • expand and adjust its services and offerings to meet the needs of our region (over 30% of our region is seniors);
  • add much-needed staff to assure adequate administrative support and a consistently high level of service for all members and instructors;
  • provide dedicated Osher program resources, including technology;
  • improve and expand dedicated Osher space on the Palm Desert Campus and outreach locations throughout the Coachella Valley; and
  • allow OLLI to be innovative and entrepreneurial, whatever the economic climate

Benefits of Being a Legacy Member

Legacy Program donors will be recognized through an on-campus wall plaque; on the OLLI website; and in the quarterly program catalog. OLLI Legacy donors will receive invitations to special events on campus and will be included in high-profile activities at the Palm Desert Campus. By making the OLLI Legacy YOUR Legacy, you become a special and recognized partner of the program you’ve come to care about and appreciate!

Payment Options

Making a long-term commitment to OLLI can be convenient and flexible to meet your needs. Legacy donors make a three-year commitment to the same gift, with the option of payments annually, semi-annually or quarterly.


Legacy Program Giving Options:

  • $50/year – three year total of $150
  • $100/year – three year total of $300
  • $250/year – three year total of $750
  • $500/year – three year total of $1,500
  • $1,000/year – three year total of $3,000

*Other donation amounts are welcome; all donors making a three-year commitment to the same amount each year are considered part of the OLLI Legacy Program.

What Will Your Legacy Be? 
Please call today to support your OLLI now and into the future. 909-537-8248