PDC Food Network

Food insecurity is a real and serious issue on campuses throughout the United States. Often, students go hungry in order to pay for college tuition and school expenses. Knowing it’s difficult to learn on an empty stomach, and to help all our students achieve academically, PDC created the PDC Food Network. This network consists of the PDC DEN and the university’s community garden. Below is information about these programs.


Low on energy? Low on food? Stop by the PDC DEN and pick up a free healthy snack or a quick meal pack. The PDC DEN is located in the Indian Wells Center for Educational Excellence (IW) in the first floor reception office. For more information, contact Bryant Fairly in the CSUSB Office of Community Engagement.

PDC Community Garden

Located just one block from campus, the PDC Community Garden is available for student clubs and organizations to grow organic produce! The garden is sectioned into 10 individualized plots and each plot is equipped with a timed irrigation system. Each student group will receive free vegetable plants and gardening tools are available for use. For more information about the PDC Community Garden and/or to reserve a garden plot, contact Albert Angelo, PDC Health Educator/Student Activities Coordinator, at 909-537-8168.