Single Subject Credential Program

A single subject credential authorizes a person to teach a specific subject or subjects in most middle and high schools.

Program Mission

The Single Subject program prepares teachers to become leaders in transformative education, an evolutionary process of change by which schooling practices become increasingly effective in promoting learning in urban settings. Inquiry and reflective practice are the foundations of the transformative process, a process that allows teachers to evaluate current school practices and imagine teaching and learning in new ways.

It is our goal to educate teachers who, in turn, can assist their students in developing into their full potential and become reflective, contributing members of local, regional and global communities.

What Options does CSUSB Palm Desert Campus Offer?

  1. 1. Student Teaching Option
    1. Track A (3 quarters)
  2. 2. Intern Option
    1. Track C (6 quarters)

Application Process:

Joseph Jesunathadas Single Subject Credential Program Coordinator

Informational Meeting Dates

Interested in the Program?

For more information contact Alice Pedersen @ (760) 341-2883, ext 78109 or

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Registration Issues:

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