RN to BSN Program

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The RN to BSN is for current CA licensed Registered Nurses wishing to obtain a BSN. This is a hybrid program; students attend one face-to-face meeting per month each quarter in fall, winter and spring.

The Fall 2016 RN to BSN application enrollment period is currently open.

To get started with the application process:

1. Go to http://www.csumentor.edu/ and register for CSUSB. Select “Pre-Nursing” as your major.
2. Call (909) 537-8114 and make an appointment with Advisor Ruth Howell. Please remember to bring a copy of your college transcripts with you; un-official transcripts can be printed from your college website.

The Nursing Program incorporates hybrid instruction to help working nurses obtain their BSN. Courses are offered with a combination of online and in person classes. Students meet on Tuesdays at the Palm Desert campus, once a month. Each meeting includes a 4 hour session for each class. Between meetings students are expected to log on to our campus Blackboard learning management system regularly and participate in course discussions. There is one clinical course (NUR347) in the program and students must demonstrate compliance with the nursing department requirements. This course will require students to attend clinical during the day at selected community sites arranged by CSUSB.

Lower division GEs may be taken at any community college.

Pre-Requisite Courses

All students are required to complete the following pre-requisite courses before starting the RN to BSN program at California State University.  Students can have courses in progress while they are applying, as long as they will be completed before the program begins in September.  

Pre-requisites Quarter Units
ENG 107 Advanced First Year Composition 4
COMM 120 Oral Communication 4
SOC 180 Critical Thinking and Social Problems 4
Math 165 Statistics 4
BIOL 220 Principles of Microbiology 5
BIOL 223 Human Physiology and Anatomy I 5
BIOL 224 Human Physiology and Anatomy II 5
CHEM 205 Fundamentals of Chemistry I: General Chemistry 4

Upper-Division General Education Courses Required

  1. Natural Sciences Capstone (4)
  2. Social Sciences Capstone (4)
  3. Humanities Capstone (4)
  4. Upper division writing requirement (4) OR exam (WREE)

Nursing Major Courses

RN-BSN students who already have a bachelor's degree are not required to take general electives or capstones. RNs with a bachelor's degree in another field may consider applying to the Master's Nursing Program (MSN).

RN to BSN Program Roadmap - Fall 2016


Fall 1



NURS 350 Nursing Theories (4 units)

NURS 352 The Nurse as a Teacher (4 units)

Upper Division Writing Requirement (4 units)

NURS 344 The Nurse as a Leader (4 units)

NURS 353 Global Nursing (4 units)

Capstone (4 units

NURS 343 as a Research (4 units)

NURS 345 The Nurse as an Advocate: Family Concepts (4 units)

Capstone (4 units)





NURS 346 The Nurse as a Member of the Community (4 units)

NURS 347 The Nurse as a Community Member (4 units)

NURS 483 The Nurse as a Lifelong Learner: Advanced Practice Models (4 units)

NURS 444 The Nurse as Expert Clinician (4 units)

NURS 446 The Nurse as a Mentor: Activity (4 units)

NURS 445 The Nurse as a Change Agent (4 units)

NURS 443 The Nurse as a Counselor (4 units)

Capstone (4 units


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