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The CSU-San Bernardino the Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential program where students can complete the 74-unit credential for a PPS without the Masters degree. Some students come to our program already having a Masters degree in a related field and find it necessary to only complete the PPS credential. Other students opt to only receive the PPS credential following the completion of a Bachelors degree. Either path affords graduates opportunities to work in K–12 school settings and community colleges. The PPS is a required certification for anyone who plans to work in a California school setting as a counselor, whether you are acting in a traditional counselor role or as an academic/guidance counselor.

The PPS credential, like the MS degree, is designed for students who have busy lives, often working a full-time job, and raising families, while going to graduate school. The courses meet two or three evenings weekly and occasionally on Saturdays. And, like the MS degree, the curriculum is designed with innovative and relevant training for up-to-date approaches to the problems counselors face in their jobs.
In addition to the classroom courses that prepare students to a rewarding career as a school counselor, the PPS credential requires students complete 600 supervised hours in a school setting. Many students complete these hours at schools where they are employed or in our many after hours counseling programs.

Many, if not most, of our students elect to study for both their MS degree and their PPS credential, for the maximum flexibility and employment opportunities upon graduating. The CTC grants students their PPS credential upon completing the CSUSB program.

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