Instructional Technology (Hybrid)

Welcome to our Instructional Technology website! It is centered around you, the students, and includes you in the learning process. We hope that you will experience this spirit when you work with our faculty and staff members. Please let this website be your initial guide on your journey through our program.

The mission of the Instructional Technology Program is to prepare professionals to effectively infuse technology into instruction and to develop instructional materials that transform individuals and their communities. The program values life-long, independent, and collaborative learning which fosters leadership for change.

The master's in instructional technology at CSUSB prepares students to be instructional designers, improve use of instructional technology and support the use of technology in a variety of career paths:

  • Online Instructor
  • Classroom Teacher
  • Corporate Training
  • Technology Coordinator
  • Online Course Developer
  • Digital Media Designer and Developer

We offer all of ETEC courses are 60-100 percent online and 100% online 4 course e-Learning Certificate! In addition, the program offers courses that help business companies increase productivity and efficiency. The courses cover how to do the following:

  • Develop Learning Objectives
  • Capture Institutional Knowledge
  • Analyze Workflow and Work Tasks
  • Develop Efficient Procedural Training

Contact Dr. Eun-Ok Baek at or call (909) 537-5692

For more information on the program, contact:

Alice Pedersen, RG 203K
(760) 341-2883 x78109

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