Freshmen Class

Beginning Fall 2013, CSUSB Palm Desert Campus welcomed its first Freshmen class. We want to continue growing the campus for our Coachella Valley students!

We will be admitting the 3rd freshmen class at PDC in the fall 2015.

Applications are due between October 1 and November 30, 2014. You may apply online at CSUMentor. When doing so, select San Bernardino as your CSU choice, then once in the application you may select Palm Desert Campus.

Majors Available

    • Business Administration
      • Accounting Concentration
      • Management Concentration
      • Marketing Concentration
    • Communication
    • Criminal Justice
    • English
    • History
    • Liberal Studies
    • Nutrition and Food Sciences
    • Psychology

Requirements for Admissions

Students must complete this A-G college preparatory pattern of courses with grades of "C" or better:

A-G college preparatory requirements

Subject Years
English (English courses taken outside of the US do not count toward requirement) 4 years
Math (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II) 3 years
Laboratory Science (1 Life, 1 Physical) 2 years
Language other than English 2 years
Visual/ Performing Art 1 year
Social Science (1 US His/Am Govt, 1 World His/Geog/Cultures) 2 years
Elective (any college prep course taken in addition to those above) 1 year

Acceptable courses from your high school may be found at UC Doorways.

Eligibility Index

3.0 and above qualifies with any score

Local area eligibility index for combining your GPA and test scores

GPA ACT score SAT score*
2.99 10 510
2.80 14 660
2.65 17 780
2.40 22 980
2.25 25 1100
2.10 28 1220
2.00 30 1300

Below 2.0 does not qualify for regular admission.

The CSUSB Office of Institutional Research reports in a survey conducted in 2011 that the top two factors most important to students when choosing to attend CSUSB were (1) location and (2) cost to attend.

For questions, please email us regarding the 2014 Freshmen class.