Application Process

Online applications are available through CSUMentor.* It can guide you through the admission process, allowing you to quickly assess academic requirements needed prior to admission, and it can assist you in selecting the CSU campus that best meets your career goals. Students should submit an application and transcripts of all previous college course work as early as possible prior to the time they wish to enroll.

To Apply:

  • Go to CSUMentor
  • Once there, click on the link at the top of the homepage that says, "Create an Account" and follow the "create an account" instructions.
  • Once you have created an account, you must log on.
  • One you are logged on, click the tab that says, "Apply Online."
  • After you click "Apply Online" click on the first link that says, "Undergraduate Admission Applications"
  • Next, click on the box that has the term you are applying for.
  • After you click the box, the next page will have a list of all the CSU campuses for you to select. Scroll through the list to find CSU-San Bernardino and click on it to highlight.
  • After it is highlighted, click on the link that says, "start new application."
  • The next page will have general information about CSUSB. At the bottom of that page will be a link that says, "Begin application for CSU San Bernardino." Click this link and the application starts…

Applications can be submitted online at:

Online Student-transfer Information System will show you which courses are transferable:

For specific inquiries call PDC at (760) 341-2883.

* Note: The Palm Desert Campus of Cal State San Bernardino, on occasion, may have a different application deadline than what is mentioned on the CSUMentor website. For any questions related to being admitted to the Palm Desert Campus, please contact us at 760-341-2883 and choose option 0 to be connected to our front desk area.