Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD)

As the Services to Students with Disabilities Counselor I ensure that reasonable accommodations are provided to allow equal opportunities for students with disabilities at the Palm Desert Campus (PDC), and to promote disability awareness throughout PDC. Services are available to students with a verified permanent or temporary disability and are free and confidential.

To meet with me, please come to the PDC Administrative Office RG building or to schedule an appointment please call (760) 341-2883 x78117 or e-mail me.    

Rosie Garza, M.A.

PDC-SSD Counselor

Application for Services

The forms for Application for Services including required information regarding documentation of a suspected disability can be accessed the CSUSB Services to Students with Disabilities Website.

You may pick up a form at the RG second floor reception desk.
In order to receive services:

  • Complete an application to SSD
  • Schedule an appointment with an SSD Counselor
  • At the meeting submit your application and provide current documentation of the suspected disabling condition.
  • Documentation needed varies depending on disabling conditions (that information is found at the SSD Web Page under Policies and Procedures).
  • If you have the appropriate documentation, the SSD Counselor may determine eligibility.
  • If eligibility is established, appropriate accommodations are designed to fit the students’ needs.
  • Eligible students will receive official notification of the accommodations. It is up to him/her to use the notification to pursue and obtain accommodations.

Accommodations are individualized and based on discrete needs.

Following are the most common conditions that may receive accommodations:

Students with Learning Disabilities

A full range of compensatory services are offered to the student with a verified learning disability, ranging from testing accommodations to computer access with specialized software.

Students who are Deaf or Hearing Impaired

A team of qualified Sign Language interpreters provide students who are deaf or hearing impaired with support services in addition to other services such as note-takers.

Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired

There are a full range of services available to aid students who are blind or visually impaired that assure reasonable accommodation at the university.

Students who are Mobility or Orthopedically Impaired

Students who use wheelchairs or have orthopedic limitations may be eligible for a variety of services.

Students with Psychiatric Disabilities

Students attending the university who have an appropriately diagnosed psychiatric condition may be eligible for support services or accommodations.

Temporary Disabilities

Services are offered to persons experiencing temporary disability from illness, injury, accident or surgery.

Disability Access

CSUSB-PDC facilitates access to students with disabilities throughout the campus with designated parking, handicap ramps and automated opening doors. If you are experiencing access difficulties, please contact Rosie or submit an access difficulty form found in the second floor reception area.

Common Academic Accommodations

Reasonable Accommodations are individualized and flexible, based on the nature of the disability and the academic environment. Below is a list of common academic accommodations.

  • accessible classroom/location/furniture
  • assistive computer technology
  • assistive listening devices
  • auxiliary aids and services (note-takers, lab or library assistants, readers, interpreters)
  • captioned films and videos
  • course or program modifications
  • document conversion (alternative print formats: Braille, large print, audiotape)
  • exam modifications
  • computer or basic calculator for exams
  • extended time
  • readers and scribes
  • priority registration
  • study skills and strategies training
  • taped lectures

Campus Disability Resources